6th day in, looking great!

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Mar 5, 2006
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I'm about into my 6th day after germinating my seeds. Things seem to be going very well with my plants. All 12 of them seem to be growing great. I had a few pics I wanted to show, I know they're small still and have a lot of growing to do, but I'm a proud parent already!! I was wondering if anyone has seen a root this long on a plant this young before, all my other plants' roots are just now coming out the bottom of the cups, but this one is growing like crazy... so I named this plant... "Her Royal Rootness", the other two are yet to be named. Lemme know if they're looking ok, please!?!




diffrent strains,they all grow diffrent,like your bubbler system,those plants should grow rapidly ,dont give it any fertilizer yet there 2 young .
whats up bigbudz. your babaies are looking great. yes that is a big tap root but i have seen bigger. whatever your doing keep it up because they are looking great.
All I've done so far... I'm using a bubbler system for my vegitation stage, just using bottled spring water, and a 250 watt MH. I've enlosed the light and system with wood covered in aluminum foil. I've lowered the lights to about 9 inches above my plants and they seem to be loving it. I turn my lights off for 3 hours a day, seems every day they are sprouting a new set of leaves.
instead of aluminum foil, i'd use a space blanket. they're like $1 and much easier to use.

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