6th week flowering hermi

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Jan 23, 2006
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Hey, as many of you know I'm growing a hermi right now in soil. I'm pretty disgusted with it. It's budding nice and has many tips (25) but there more male parts than anything. So much pollen all over too. Is it worth saving. (i got a ebb and flow hydro system coming and some WW)
shit man your in week six of flower and pollen is everywhere. let it grow out. smoke the few buds you got. Clean everything with bleach/water solution and grow them white widows. Just no point trashing it this late in the game. IMHO.

Just crush and destroy all those seeds.
let it finish. you came this far who knows it might end up being some good smoke.
Hey, thanks mutt and T.B. Grunt. I guess all I needed was some more encouragement; lol I feel like a disappointed parent! Poor hermi, I shake her sometimes and wham!pretty darn dusty in my grow room--at least I know what pollen looks like...and taste like..lol

Clean everything with bleach/water solution and grow them white widows.

I have carpet in my grow room and I was thinking that a good vaccume job would pick up the pollen. To make sure, do you guys suggest anyother method to clean the rug? I'll be sure to use a weak bleach solution on the walls and what have you.

And for my next grow with WW in a hydro Ebb&Flow I'll be keeping a sweet pic-journal for all those interested and to show appreciation to those on here who have taught me to get this far. Thanks again MJ passion members.
Use some good carpet cleaner or use a carpet steamer. (next time lay plastic on the bottom when carpet gets damp by a spill you got a mold factory)

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