a few more pics on the felony/grow

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Aug 11, 2005
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i added 1 too many pics last time and left out a few .

ww erasers 001.jpg

ww erasers 005.jpg

ww erasers 006.jpg

ww erasers 007.jpg

ww erasers 019.jpg

ww erasers 018.jpg

ww erasers 016.jpg

ww erasers 006.jpg
whats up Skunk. nice garden you have going. what strains do you have? great job.:D
thanks brother. i have a few unknown strains that is because i get them from a buddy that gets them from a buddy . and my buddy when i ask him to ask his buddy what strain it is he says he will just say its my strain . but my buddy laughs at me when i say strains he thinks im a herbitoligist know or something although he been smoking it for 42 years he says pot is pot it all came from mexico. i tell him he gots alot to learn. besides all of that bull i also have 18 wwf-3s and some wwxerasers . just in case your wondering about it a buddy of mine came up with the erasers he says its astrain that will erase your memory. (make you forget your own name) so he breed it with a ww m he said he hasnt got to exsperiment with it yet so thats what im doing and so far all but 2 are still in veg. and the ones in veg have more of a pungent smell to them than the strains in flowering . more like a chemical medical smell. but i tell you what you cant beat friends that will be generous enough to give you good seeds exspecially on the other side of the united states from me that i havent even met yet . (god bless him) in already saying all that necro what do you mean show puppy face?
Nice grow dude. That closet is packed. :D
dam mutt dont your old lady ever unplug you to go to bed lol. thanks dude but not a closet if my memory serves me right its a 5 x10 seperated into 2 rooms . im glad i didnt try this in the closet because my biggest plant in flowering is 3ft wide and 3 feet tall. with 31 colas on it. it is in a storage building that soon or later im gonna have to build another room for it .
oops it about time added more pictures since mutt gonna go show people them look small now lol .
skunk said:
oops it about time added more pictures since mutt gonna go show people them look small now lol .

Hey its a jungle in there. you and stoney Bud have little stoned pigmy people hidin in you weed jungles. :D . need a combine during harvest.
ihavent seen his pictures yet show me a link and let me see .
i bet no one even noticed the couple small branches i had hanging to dry below the fan huh lol.
Wow, that's funny. Typed in my name and PW and sure enough, I have an account here too. Glad I dropped by, things are look'n real good for ya skunk!
thanks girl, but this was along time ago lol.
What a way to start me off here! C'mon now, you know I am the only guy you ever invited into the hot tub lol.
oh man your gonna ruin me.hey guys you can pm me on this one so i can exslpain myself beside me thinking hes a girl all this time and offered to give me a noogie . whew im glad this thread is almost a year old and none hardly reads them any more so haha soulsuit just wait i will pay you back for this 1 .

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