A very sad day....

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Oct 3, 2005
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I had started a plant in my basement behind a white headboard, i had made my "grow room" with only 1 little plant and 2 50watt 4' long flour's.

Tonight my mom got the utility bill.... 549 dollars - she also explained the cleaning lady will be comming tomorrow

I tried to sleep but paranoia kept me awake, i went down to the basement and kissed my plant then took each leaf one by one and put it in the toilet.... one of the sadest things ive had to do in a long time.

Maybe i should have reasearched price a little more... oh well i suppose ill wait till next spring and give it a shot outdoors.

Sigh... till next time guys.
There is no way no how that 100 watts of flo's raised the elec. bill more than a dollar per month.
Prob. less than a dime.
That being said, it was wrong to attempt to grow pot at your mom's without her knowledge/permission.
Time to make plans for an outdoor grow starting next spring.
Maybe not, maybe the heating bill was just huge after all we are from kinda up north.

You wouldnt understand my mom she is anti-bud but even so paranoia got the best of me, ill shoot for next spring.
sorry, but i must say something, your mother is the owner of the house and has the right to know if you are growing in her house, if it was found and reported she could get into trouble also, so before you grow anywhere inside make sure the owner is ok with it.

guerrilla growing is the best idea for growers with no place to grow.
bkphate, do you live in a city the country?
outer city, long stretch of woods about 5 10 min away
well if there ain't much activity in the woods thats where i'd grow, but don't tell ANYONE that its there or you plants will mysteriously disappear.
Actually im thinking of building a shed, 8x10x7; should have insulation and electricity + security cameras and a steel reinforced door.
I sure hope you have some building experience to be doing all that, but that being said if you know what your doing then what are you waiting for??
Waiting for someone to help with most of it considering i dont get around much lately and waiting for some money to come in.

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