Agro Sun - Advice Needed

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Aug 16, 2005
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An accquaintance agreed to sell me his 400W HPS. He wasn't trying to rip me off, but he is a little scatterbrained, so he got confused about what kind of lamp it actually was. It's a 400W MH and he threw in a MH bulb and an Agro Sun bulb.

Can I get away with using the Agro Sun on 12/12 during flowering instead of a true HPS? Or, do I need to pony up for an HPS conversion bulb?

It's a lot hotter than I realized it would be. Looks like I'll have to follow GG's advice about ventilation.

Max, I seen people vegg and flower with mh before. I am sure you can use that, but I can't tell you what kind of results you will get. What color temperature is that bulb?
The Agrosun bulb is 2100K and around 40,000 lumens.

It's a 360W EYE Sunlux Ultra Ace Retrofit HPS Lamp. There's a little sticker on the bulb box that says "HPS conversion", but the tiny print on the bulb reads "AGROSUN - Agricultural Spectrum". I'm beginning to think that this actually IS an HPS conversion bulb, but I'm getting confused by the "Agrosun" description. A true HPS probably wouldn't be as high as 40,000 lumens though...

Max, if it's 2100k, then thats what type of color temp hps has, so your fine use it. I have a 400watt hps that puts out 55,000k lumens. Is that the bulb you have?
Cool. Thanks a lot.

No, that's not the exact one. Here' are some pictures of the box and bulb. Think maybe the bulb got switched into the wrong box? Kinda confused.


Use it.
You'll be stoked with the results.
Ask him how old the bulb is. They need to be replaced every year.
Thanks, Ganja. The bulb was used for nine weeks, non-stop. Yeah, I'll go ahead and use it. Very curious to see how long it will take for my plant to respond.
Give them an oppurtunity to adjust to the increased light intensity before getting them real close MAX. Move them a bit closer day by day.
Okay, Hick. Thanks again. For now, 20" seems fine. Maybe 19" tomorrow.

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