air stones in nute solution

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Feb 7, 2011
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hey everyone i was just wondering if it would be a good idea to put an air stone in my nute bucket. Since i am using ff nutes that seem to clump up on the bottom. Thanks :aok:
I thought I heard an airstone wasn't the way to go, but I could be mistaken. I can't recall why, but it just seems I remember this in a thread.
They can make it difficult to keep pH under control. Get a small aquarium pump to stir the water which will keep the solids in suspension. You'd want one that can handle a bit of grit.
i have always used air stones in all reservoirs. have a 30 gal one filled with plain H2O with 2 air stones and an aquarium heater, use that water to mix up the FF each time its used.
:ciao: I use airstones in all my Nute solutions...I too use FF and know the Big Bloom will leave sand in the bottom..I lke to use the 3 inch disposeable airstones..and maybe every other week I use a wash cloth and wipe the stone down...They last for about 4 months but are cheap...Not sure how big ya op is but I use a few 100 gallon fish tank pumps they have 2 air ports...I bubble 5 gallon jugs 3 at a time..and also some 1 gallon milk jugs...I like to bubble atleast 24 hrs prior to useing..Hope this helps

take care and be safe:bolt::bong:
lol I didn't say not to aerate, I just said I read (not heard, obviously lol) no to use an airstone! And yes, ph could have been the reason, not sure!

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