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Feb 12, 2010
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another year like last one. figured so, too much rain ,gloomy,cloudy days.
went this morning to my ak48's. about 12" tall, 3 of 5 had balls.
6 fem. blue satellites, none of those showing.
hope this weather fairs up, need sunshine bad.
I hear you on the bad weather. We had 31f last week. Way to cold to put anything outside overnight. I am waiting for the weather to warm up myself.

Congrats on the females.

Are you gonna run a journal on your girls?

Good luck to you.
Hello TC How you been?
It's cold here also. 22 degrees the last few nights and up to 80 by Saturday. So about time to start in the greenhouse. Bought 5 Blueberry Kush clones and have Chronic and White Widow seeds. I'm ready....come on full moon. And I may cheat and go a little earlier...I am soooooo ready.

Happy growing

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