Am I crazy?

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Feb 14, 2006
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So does everyone think this is crazy? I started a few nuts a few weeks back & I got high tonite and got paranoid. I live in an apartment and my grow box is very small. I only have a few plants but I live in an apartment complex with everyone close together. Is that stupid?
I live alone and wont tell anyone and there is little chance of anyone ever stumbling over them unless its a random maintenance guy or something. Even then he would have to look to find them. Just wanted some feedback.
"Apartment complex"...that is scary.

I'd move to the mountains, become a hermit and grow in the trees :D
Apartement complexs are defently more risky just be smart, dont have alot of in/out traffic, keep mouth shut, keep out of sight from window or door. Depending on how many plants you have ventilation might be a issue with smell.
One member of our group of growers grew in an appartment complex. HUGE MISTAKE! We had to remove him from the group until he got his own place. He understood. He had his own place in 2 weeks. It's an addiction.

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