Another lighting question.

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Sep 14, 2005
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I dont have enough money right now for a hps lamp. I've been hearing about halogen lights are those ne better than flours. Right now all im using is a bunch flours.
flouro's are better than halogen. halogen is too hot and not the right spectrum. stick with flouro's till you can afford HPS or MH.
thanks weeddog I will. I also heard you can sometimes use flours. for vegative stage then switch to hps for flowering stage, is that true?
thank u once again guys. love tha forum. im waiten for my seeds to sprout right now.
if you really don't want to buy a hps, you can do the full cycle with the fluros... it's just a tad slower on flowering.
ya i kno. thanks u guys, i'll keep u posted on the grow.

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