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Feb 25, 2023
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I'm looking for a fan-less LED fixture to light an 8' x 2' table with cacti and succulents. I'm currently using 3 100w units (with super noisy fans). The plants are in our living space though, so the noise is an issue. Obviously no need to support flowering for these plants, but I'd like to encourage vigorous growth.

I've been looking at the Spider Farmer lights and the Mars Hydro lights. The Mars Hydro SP150 looks like a good bet - I'd think two of those would probably work well, right? Or could someone recommend a Spider Farmer model that would work as well or better? Any other suggestions would be more than welcome. I realize there are cheaper options, but I'd like these to be at least someone aesthetically pleasing and not just look like shop lights. :)
Welcome. Nice name. All the guys in the moderator lounge were wushin they had a cool name like yours. So, how much do you want for your lights?
2 sp 150 will light an 8ft table of low light requirement plants
Fixed it

Buy American
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Check out some 4ft lights I found on the Zon.. HLUX pair of 2 @ 4ft runs like $48. these lights put out
the perfect spectrum of what your looking for. used them for a while and regret gifting them away..

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