Joes grows needs advice from all lighting!!!!

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Is vipar spectra pushing that pro model something or other? Something about a cover over the LEDs that like magnified the light or something (super technical, I know). Looked like some good results from it. Looking for a cheaper option, 4x2 flower footprint, for my closet grow Iight in the future for autos.
The pro models use the LM281B diodes instead of the LM301B. I have a couple of the XS1500 pro lights and have no complaints for the price. They are in a 4X2X80 tent hard mounted to the top bars, turned down one notch and had seedlings sitting on the floor with no stretching issues. Also have some autos flowering under those lights looking thick and healthy. The models using the LM301B are better, more efficient and produce less heat, but I'm not sure anymore if they justify the price difference.
The Mars hydro TSL2000 (300watts) on Mars hydro website is on sale for $199 right now. The TS1000 (150watts)is also on sale for $95 but you would need to double up and run two in your 2x4

Spider Farmer SF2000 (200watts) is on sale on spider farmer website for $219
The SF1000 (100watts) is also on sale for $95 and there is a SF1000D that DOES NOT have a dimmer (so you would have to raise it to change intensity) on sale for $70 - you would need to double up on these for a 2x4

I have an SF1000 and a TS1000. I like them both - I use the SF1000 in a small tent to start my closet grow then when the plants are big enough, they go into the closet and I move the SF1000 in there to hang along side the TS1000. When either one of them finally takes a shit, I will replace with a mars hydro because I prefer more watts.
I have used 3 of the Mars Hydro SP 3000 in 2x4 (one at the time of course) with great success. I'm sure the long tsl 2000 will work as well, for less cost. That is the 2x4 best buy, if extra $, go with SP 3000.

So iv came a long way in a few months going from one light in my closet to a 2x4x6 tent a king 2000 plus and tam i have a king 1000 plus coming the 2000 says its suitable for a 3x3 space the 1000 for. A 2x2 space
. Also I will be receiving my carbon filter finally and the online fan and temp meters humidity meter
Iv also baught a oscillating fan that attached to the tent pole. My concern is I don't believe these lights are suitable for a 2x4 meaning to say they don't. Put out enough ppfd I had measured it with my phone app and it'seems strong enough but has to be up a little closer then id like . Also my phone could be off it's an app . All in all I may return the kings get my 160 bucks and im looking for a mars or spider that i can turn up and down and know the plants have enoigh light i spent on them bak or buy another 1000. Can anyone with experience using king LEDs or anyone with experience with mars spider farmer or have any input on ligbting suggest a light that would be ideal for my space
If you want 1 light, you might look at a viparspetra 200-250 watt model... if you want to grow 2 plants, you might want 2 smaller lights so if 1 is taller than the other, you can adjust the hight of each light separately. In which case 2 100-150 watt models might work out really well. I personally think the viparspectra P series and XS series lights are nicer than the spider farmers and mars lights. But they will all work. Good luck!

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