awsome forum, glad to be here

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Dr MadBud
Mar 26, 2011
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I have been a partaker of the weed for most of my life but as I am disabled for the last 8 years, I am beginning to look for alternatives for pain relief. I have already learned a tremendous amount since I started reading here. For the past 9 months I have been working with a friend to set up a grow-lab (small operation to supply self, friends, n family). When it is complete we should be able to handle a couple of strains and produce several ounces a month. We use a combination of grow systems and light systems, and are still modifying it as we learn more. right now we have an EZclone60 with 8 T5 flourescent 6400K bulbs for cloning. then we have 3 rooms for veg/flower. two of the rooms are 4'x4'x6' and have 600wHPS and 400wMH in one; have 600wHPS and 6 (235w total)T5HO 6400k flourescent. The third room has a 3'x6' table that is a hybrid drip/aeroponic system that I built myself (will load some pics next week) this has right now a 400wMH on a light mover. will add a 600wHPS next week to the light mover before switching present girls to 12/12. I have been reading a book from Cervantes that is considered a growers bible. I have learned a lot here and from my experience of the past 9 months. Thanks Hemp Goddess for getting me strait so that I can post here.
May yer nodes be short and yer buds be long!
Welcome to MP Hushpuppy, good luck with your grow. Lotsa' knowledgeable people around here, and always more than ready to help a fellow grower.
Welcome ! Sounds like you're gunna have quite the setup goin on, cant wait for pics!
Welcome to MP....this place tends to be the fa shiz....enjoy.
welcome to mp, hope we see some pics soon..
Welcome aboard! I too, came to find pain relief and kick Oxy. I'm slowly getting off the Oxy now, (it takes time), and feeling better every day. I have many here to thank.

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