AZshwagg Grow #2

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Oct 13, 2005
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This is my secound grow I have them under (1) 65 watt CFL and they are loving! They are 14 days old and they seem to have gotten beter, so now all I need is ur good karma and green thumb vibes and I should be okay. here are sum pic's.



Whats going on AZ. I see your little ladies are looking alot better. Damn dude those leaves are big and fat. By the looks of things you got some highly dominated Indica growing there. Here is some GREEN MOJO for ya. Good luck on the grow AZ.
woohoo!!! you go AZ....looking good and your gonna be smoking your fine bud in due time with a big smile on your smile....each grow better than the last ;)

Happy Growing...looking great so far :cool:
I wish I had a big smile on my smile LDY :D , can you help me with this....LOL...j/k....we all smoke and post thats what we do...:D ....Great job AZ, I am glad your girls;) recovered nicely...Peace Out and GG!
thanks guys for those words of motivation I'll keep you guys and gals posted!
Hey AZ you got some nice lookin plants there man keep up the good work! :D
Well, since I'm going off I had to let my lil bro have the twins, They will be put outside and have a good home with the best of the best light on it, THE SUN!!!!! So, I guess I'll have another journal going in a month for sure!!!!!!!

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