baking soda

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yogi dc

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Mar 5, 2006
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What does baking soda do for plants K.
I have not used any baking soda, someone I know who use to grow back in the 80s
I used it on mine to bring the pH up. They that was 9 days ago and they seem fine. Actually much better than fine since they were dying with the acidic soil.
I used baking soda and vinegar to make extra Co2 for my garden. All that happened is that is ended up burning some leaves on the plant that was next to the intake fan. That is bad shit, to hard to control.. I'm out
if you want c02 use a 1 gallon bucket fill it half way throw some brewers yeastwith a cup of sugar shake it up and make sure you have a straw coming from the top or you can get co2 tabs from or off ebay just type in c02 tabs it should show up about 15 bucks for 60 tabs, you just breack some in half in some in little pieces and throw the little pieces in a gallon every time you water and throw a whole or half a pill evertime you change the water.or just but a expensive c02 generator

I want to revisit this question. I used it to bring up the pH in my soil a while back. My plants got better and now theyre turning yellow leaves and purple stemps and wilty looking again. Could this be due to the baking soda? Theyre almost acting as if theyre acidic again. Are the rising pH effects of the baking soda only temporary? Could it be causing some sort of lockout?
Hey, Check your PH. tell us what it is. you may need to flush the soil. To get the Baking soda out. I never really agreed with this statement. I never tried it so I don't comment. I use PH up or PH down from a hydro store if I have a PH problem.

Or I just flush it clean and then start back on its normal cycle of ferts.

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