Beginning signs of PM outdoors

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May 18, 2011
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So, mainly on my bushiest plant, the Lemon OG, but occasionally on the OG kush and Sweet Tooth. For the past couple weeks I've noticed maybe 1 or 2 leaves with a little white on it that rubs off. I sent a pic to a buddy, and he thinks it's definitely PM. Don't have it loaded on the computer though. Ive been removing the infected leaf when I've seen them. Yesterday the Lemon had like 6 or 7 spots, all on different areas of the plant, not right next to each other. 1 was uber white, moreso than usual. Removed all of those leaves. Today had like 3 leaves with faint spots on them, and I removed. Well I'm a little over 2 weeks into flower. Question being, doesn't really seem like I'm infected too bad, but I know I cant spray too far into flower. Any opinions on what to do? Continue with what I have been doing? Weather has been nice here but there has been dew in the mornings. Thanks.
You might want to snag some Pro Tekt from Dyna-Gro. Helps plants resist PM and such.

Do a search for Dyna-Gro and read up on the Pro Tekt.

Thanks wet. I'll check it out. Question on that stuff though. Is it meant to be an additive through the whole life cycle, or just until the problem is gone. The nutrients I'm using, was told every other water weeks 1-3, and every water weeks 4-6 of flower. Then straight phd water to finish up. Would I just add this to my water/nute mix? Thanks. t
I use it pretty much the entire life cycle once I'm done with the LST. It will make for strong stems and not real pliable.

I also apply it by itself or with nutes, depending. I only apply it every other week @~1/2 tsp/gallon. You could do it weekly @1/4tsp/gallon. Don't get heavy handed with this stuff, a little goes a long way.

It is also very alkaline, another reason for the small doses. Some actually use it as a pH up, but I never have.

It is also a great emulsifier for neem oil. Dyna-Gro reccs it for this purpose. I've been told it works very well for this. I don't use neem, so no real experience here.

Went to my local hydro shop, and they only had the massive bottle of the Pro-tekt. Guy said he'd order some Liter bottles and have it by tuesday. Plants still looking the same. A couple leafs here and there with white spots daily. Pluck off what I see.

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