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Mar 24, 2011
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wots the best youv ever smoked? mine was some lemon haze it blew me away i was on holiday when i scored it and 1 night i had 5 pipes of it b4 going out for dinner with my wife and kid half way ther i relised i was wasted and couldnt move any more my head felt like a baloon i drank an energy drink and headed back to my hotel[5 min away] felt like hour walk got in colapsed on the sofa and started munchin all my kids jellys most stoned and best toke iv ever had
my all time favorite strain is the true lemon og cross is right there, but id have to say that the OG does it for me
best english i know bro :batman: peace *
It's all good, we'll read it as you can post it!!!

My favorite smoke I grew myself would be Kandy Kush, nice strong high and great taste! However, the Pineapple Express had an awesome taste as well, my favorite morning smoke!
kandy kush sounds nice wich seed bank dose this sweet strain roddy:ccc: peace
Northern Lights#5 x Haze, something about those haze crosses make my mouth drool

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