Black and Blue Widows

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May 24, 2009
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Thought I would share a pic or 2.Went to move my Blue Widow plant,I rotate them every couple days or so,as I grabbed the bucket to spin it I felt something on my hand moving.I thought it was an ant and continued to set the bucket how I wanted it then started to knock the ant off my hand when I realised it wasn't an ant but a Black Widow spider:holysheep: ,well needless to say,I FREAKED:eek: .It seems that critters are getting fond of my Blue Widow,just last week I had to kill a Pigmy Rattlesnake that was a few feet from her as I went to check on her.Had my little dog not went on alert I could have had a bad day that day also.So if you grow in buckets like I am,keep in mind to check things out before you grab the buckets.Especially if they haven't been moved in a while,never know what you'll find.I didn't kill the spider,after a bunch of thrashing and slinging myself around:doh: . I managed to get it off me onto the ground,then onto a very long stick,and relocated to a spot I don't have anything growing.Mother Nature,sometimes love her,sometimes hate her,BUT ALWAYS RESPECT HER. I'm not sure if this is the same spider or not but once again it's on my BW.



Now thats some theft detourent(sp?) Get a sign that says Beware of Guard Spiders.
hahaha!! YEAH! I would def be careful, but true that on the "theft" issue, haha.

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