blue berry or purps

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May 22, 2011
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anyone kno a good supplier with purps or blue berry strains and is a good legit site??
The only blueberry I hve heard great things about lately is the one from

Nchef just grew it out and said it was tasty and potent.
Attitude has the DJ shorts blueberry in stock.
Both a "legit" site AND DJ happens to be THE breeder of the original BB..
I just finished growing my first run of a strain called Blueberry Punch that I got from Greenlife I ordered 2 strains from them and got them back in decent time, and the BBpunch was only $50ish for 10 seeds. The interesting thing is that this strain got brutalized by this grow for multiple problems that occured. I mean we did everything but run it over with a lawn mower and it still produced some really nice bud that smoked super smooth, had a nice fruity flavor, and had a really nice combo head and body stone. I say had because I grew it for my network as well as my self, and ended up handing it all out cause everyone loved it. It's not the best on the market I'm sure, but I would recommend it to anyone, especially if yer green and want a safe breed that is forgiving. I got pics of it growing in the "hydro" thread under "Hey Hemp Goddess Here my grow". I think I included some nug pics from it also
thanks peeps.
ive got from attitude before i liked there manner of business.

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