Budder Anyone?

El Diablo Verde

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Jan 30, 2006
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"The top Budder sample was 99.6% pure," Hornby explained, "which means if you had an ounce of it, only a tiny fraction of a gram would be anything other than cannabinoids. We also tested Budder for toxins, solvents, molds, diseases, heavy metals and other contaminants. There were none. It's essentially just pure cannabinoids. I've tested a lot of cannabis materials, but this is the most impressive."

Hornby's tests also found Budder contains 80 to 90% of its cannabinoids as THC. It contains much smaller percentages of two other cannabinoids: cannabidiol and cannabinol. Of these two, cannabidiol (CBD) is most important because it has medicinal effects and moderates the stimulative effects of THC."

Ok, so i have athe original Cannibis Culture issue that this article was published in and had kinda forgot about it, but I was wondering if anybody has had the pleasure of trying this stuff yet. With it's claims to be the most potent pot product in the world, I'm very intrigued. Any experience's?
From what I understand, you can't get it anywhere since Da Kine shut down. Just wondering if anybody had a chance to try it before it did.

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