Calmag for early yellowing?

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I noticed in Hero's current thread with discoloured leaves, calmag was mentioned.
I often get early yellowing, sometimes as early as the 2nd week of flowering depending on strain. In an attempt to stop this, I have been giving my girls veg nutes for the first week or so of flowering and it seems to have stopped most of the yellowing but flowering is a little slower (due to the N I think)
Would calmag stop the yellowing?
Thanks guys. W
I don't think calmag will stop early yellowing....And yes too much N can cause problems in flower. What kind of nutes do you use? I use GH floranova 3 part and don't see much early yellowing unless I grow a strain that eats like a pig. I know GH has a transitional phase for their nutes when going from veg to flower but I just switch to bloom without the transition...has not been a problem. Jmo
my last couple of grows i have fedd veg nutes first week of flowering and the second week i add a small amount to my flowering nutes and thrid week on straight flowering nutes, the early fade is gone completly, i also feed calmag all the way from seedling to harvest.
If your leaves are just turning pale and yellowing, you probably need more Nitrogen. In Hero's case, his leaves were discoloring in spots and getting crispy, and is fixable with CalMag IMO.

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