can you get more out of your cola by cutting side branches

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Jan 31, 2005
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if cutting side braches will that make a better cola. for instance early in flowering cut the side branches to promote a better cola.
I've used that method (indoors).
2.5 weeks into flowering, cut off all side branches at the main stalk.
This focus' all the plants energy onto the main cola, making for 1 huge bud per plant.
does it really work is it really worth it.... how much bigger is it...can you do it with lowryder?
It doesn't increase yield. It just make 1 BIG bud instead of more but smaller buds
Yield by weight is the same.

I've never grown lowryder.
themanwithnoname lowryder is a single cola plant.
is ganjaguru talking about lowrider or all bud in general
In my experience, weight is less. The colas do get bigger. But after taking away the side branches the weight of two colas equal to about the weight of one full plant.(this of course depends on how many branches you have) So to get the same from one big bud, you would need to do two plants. So you dont save space, you dont get more bud, I dont understand the concept of the branch cuting. But yes it does make the main cola larger.

On a side note. It's harder to sell big buds. Unless you know people who like to buy by the gram (I dont). It sucks to have to cut a beautifull 20 gram bud in pieces cause you only need to sell a quarter or a half Oz, And you have NO smaller buds to make your bags weigh right. Just my opinion.
The point (one of them) is you can get more than twice as many plants into a given space. And I LIKE big buds.
None of the pot I grow gets sold. Either I smoke it or, if there's any excess, I donate it to fellow med-mj friends, and they don't complain when I hand them some 1 oz. nugs.

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