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May 4, 2005
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How do you make cannabutter? do you melt it down? hash oil? sprinkle it? what?
First you want the leaves very dry because you need to grind 'em up, we use a food processor for this, but you can do it in any number of ways... Chopping or grinding it up makes it easier for the THC to be released into the butter... For dry leaf and bud stems <which I also use> I go w/equal amounts of marijuana and butter... With your bud, I'd go w/at least 3 times as much butter as marijuana due to it's higher concentrations of THC and trichomes... Use unsalted, real butter in this process, not margarine... First simmer the marijuana in water for about 45 minutes, then strain and discard this "dirty" water... You may need to repeat this a few times to get rid of all of the nasty stuff. Then add marijuana, water and butter <we use a crock pot> to your pan/crock pot and let it simmer for 18 - 24 hrs, repeating the strain... It takes a lot of squeezing to get the majority of butter from the plant material and thru the towel or other strainer you are using... You will be left w/a pan of water w/butter floating on top of it, just let it cool, then you can put it in your fridge to let it cool further... The butter will harden on top of the water and can be taken off easily... Good luck


15-30g Bud
1/4lb Butter

1.) Break up bud and simmer it in a pan with some butter. Simmer for 10 minutes after all of the butter is melted. If it smokes, turn it down.

2.) Pour the butter back into some sort of container and store it in your refrigerator to harden back up.

3.) Filter the mixture through a strainer or something else, press the bud up against the strainer to get as much butter and THC out as possible.

Applications for this budder include crackers, toast, etc. Very convenient!
when ever you cook with the butter do not get your temp above 325 you will stert to loose some of the THC. If the directions call for higher temp then just cook it longer...
It helps if the weed has been cured (less "green" i.e. chlorophyll taste).
Use just enough butter to saturate the weed.

Low simmer for 30--45 min.
Then strain through a t-shirt or other cotton material into another container once it has been cooled enough to touch.
As stated, you can use this butter for just about anything--inc. low-temp frying!

For something different, try happy booze.
Crumble dry cured weed into a bottle of alcohol (I like to use tequilla). Keep the bottle in a warm dark place and shake it up baby daily.
After a week, strain this through a t-shirt into another container, make strawberry margerita's.

IMPORTANT--always test your product first--a small amount.
Because when you eat pot you will be high for 3--4 hours, and if you eat/drink too much, you might not be able to walk for that amount of time.
Sweet Marina ate too many happy rum balls at a new years eve party and collapsed, unable to walk or even stand.
Luckily, she was with dozens of her close friends, so no biggie.
i made tincture once (happy booze) but some festering piece of distended rectum tossed a rock through my patio door and stole it and half my wardrobe. I never got to try it :mad: ! Now I can't even drink alcohol 'cause it makes me sick. Oh well, green is MUCH BETTER!! Just out of curiosity, why does 1 recipe say 24 hrs and another say half an hour for simmering time? What is the diff?
"why does 1 recipe say 24 hrs and another say half an hour for simmering time?"
-Because there is a ton of misinformation on the web.
99% of everything I post is the result of decades of personal experience and the experience's of close friends/fellow growers.
Hey man, I was just asking. By the way, what about the other 1%? :D
This is just a great resource for all things ganja~ I have a quick question or two on the simmering time. Is simmering the butter for the extended period of time recommended in some reciepies (18-24 hours) going to damage the final product? It seems to me that as long as the temp remains low enough, the longer simmering time (not to exceed 22-24 hours) would hurt anything, but I defer to your expertise. Also, I saw something that said to keep the oven temp at or below 325(F) as temps above that can damage the THC. Because the internal temp of baked goods seldom ever reaches anything close to the actual oven temp I am wondering if this is referring to the actual oven temp or the internal temp of the product?

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