Insta Pot LOL

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Gunna have to try it. I got plenty of extra bud. Not sure how hot it actually gets but the Instant Pot on the HIGH "pressure cooking" setting should get hot enough to decarb.
7grams of the smaller various popcorn i had but its quite sticky. Not ground fine, just hand torn into small pieces.
I got more than i can smoke because my lungs just cant handle smoking like i used to. My friend made cookies once with butter. Never had edibles before that and like a dummy i ate 2.....Almost fell down the first time i got up to take a piss. :D

Guy at the local shop makes seriously brutal gummies. Like 75mg RSO gummies. I will take him a brownie sample to see what he thinks with his tolerance.

Decided on 50% MCT and 50% Walnut oil. I will try hazelnut oil when i can dig up the infusion rate. Walnut and MCT are both very similar.
I've got a couple of bags from a plant that my late brother Yooper gave me. I'm thinkin' they'd be the perfect candidate for the instapot.
Aged weed works well in my experience. Last batch of butter I made was with 5+ year old bud. I think some percentage of the THC had degraded into CBN which is an analgesic and anti inflammatory. The brownies I made with it hit hard and the butter is a good topical salve. My sister used it when she had knee replacement earlier this year. Worked as well as the narcotics they gave her for pain without the side effects of addiction to opioids. She did say she made the mistake of licking the butter off of her fingers and wound up pretty baked…😂

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