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When were you rude? your always sweet Jan, your like my sister as we are very close in age I think.... and my sister's an ass... hahaha. nah, she's alright...
this Covid crap is real and from all our symptoms, seems like this is the older strain where you cannot smell or taste a thing... ran a fever for 2 days, went thru a few shirts breaking it and sweating.... yuck. now it's low energy and actually nodding off a lot, napping.. Sunday will be a week and seems like by then it will of ran it's course, just hope this no taste thing goes away....

Here's Jan #1
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They look good. I still do not know who I got the fook around and find out from. I know it was a trade and it was from x that is all I am sure about.
My first post after you came back and are still sick. My ass didn't even ask how you were…Rude I tells ya
Well, you know how it is. Give a person a little bit of power and it goes to their head... hahaha. you Mod.
you know I'm kidding girl. I've really missed all of u. Covid is no joke, it was our first experience with it and just as described really. Mild flu symptoms, worse is the smell that comes with it. no taste,, just now can almost taste my coffee.... chopped down 4 plants and can barely smell the dang things....
Jan 1 and Iced Latte are hitting 2wks..

Iced Latte' ... this plant was so frosty last grow I've added her just so I can hit with pollen..

and the 2 late comers put down to replace a few no shows....
Afternoon all... what, oh. ok, evening I'm told. hahaha. Usually we go to the back bedroom around 5pm, coolest room, watch a few shows together and around 7pm I head out to the living room until around 2am..
My favorite part is from 8pm thru the next few hours as I tend to plants, take photos if need be, feed and up pot... then update all of you...
Tonight I am down to just 2 flowering plants... One bigger girl born on 4/11 and a smaller plant stacking big time and responded quite well to the Lollipop method... Luckily I have a few more seeds of Bromar to try..
Do we dare.... lol. are these Autos.. I'm really digging anything WW Auto atm... but C99 is a game changer.
No but it is only 8 weeks flower I will send it in a coin flip in a card that should make it and seeds are legal everywhere in US anyway
Time to clean some felt pots and up pot the 2 larger ones as they should be sexing soon. I removed the cotyledon leaf and all growth up to the first branching.. so the single bladed leaf, the round leaf and the first set of branches all gone... this is how I will grow from this day forward..

It's pretty much how I've always done things, cept now I've taken it one step further and removed the first set of branching just above the single bladed leaf and round one. I have realized by doing this the bud production is so much heavier. Main cola and 4 - 6 branches... all other stuff gets removed. for Autos that finish fast, 70 days, this works great....
Well... the wife took off today with her mom and I decided to clean house.... got a bit carried away and by 4pm I was beat... I spent over an hour deboning a chicken and cleaning up the mess I made... but, when you have covid or whatever, get a rotisserie chicken from Sams Club and it will feed you for days... the breasts make great sammiches on brioche buns... MMmmmm. about the only bread I eat anymore.
few more meals after the salad I had today... smart shopping when your sick.
Took a nap when Ladybug got home and we got settled into the room around 5:30pm, woke up at 8 damnit.
spent the last few hours emptying my old 3gal pots finally.. been raining most nights to be able to dump them unseen... rinse and reuse. I get a few uses out of the better felt pots.
I have Jan 1 up potted. now I wish I'd of written the strain name, maybe have to go peek above.
Jan 1, 2 and 3 are all 3 different strains that started out as just the one... but no shows made me drop some others.
Iced Latte' and 3 of Jan's gifted strains... photos later as I finish these ladies up, going to go ahead and up pot even the smaller ones tonight just to get it all done.. transfer to the small tent and start cleaning the flower tent that needs it badly...

but, wanted to pop in and say hi to all my friends for a bit, plants can wait. how you all doing
Love seeing you here brother Carty. Glad you're feeling better my friend.👍
Always the first place I come to buddy... this is my home..

Matter of fact, with your permission or Angie's... is wanting to sell my seeds thru his site.
and, if this site would like more and FREE advertising, he is willing to include a link to here for people to check out photos of my strains and people who grow them successfully. No sales thru here, just info...

I was thinking this might result in a membership drive also..

He will be introducing me soon on his page in the form of something like...
Budman would like to welcome it's first Seed Sponsor, "Carty's Collective Crosses" .
Auto Flower genetics at their best and more... Carty's Gabagoo F4 & Beast Mode Autos are some of the
ickiest stickiest plants that grow "Seed to Weed" in 75 days. Experience the world of Autos.
All orders include freebies.

And this would remain exclusive to this site, I'll do this nowhere else.. what you guys think

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