Clearex Question

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Feb 5, 2009
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I've been getting some light to nuisance salt-bonding issues using this coco mix. I was gonna pick up some Clearex and went on the Botanicare site to check it out.

Here's the recipe: 3.0% glucose
1.5% sucrose
95.5% inert ingredients

So, would I be foolishly paying $12.95 a quart for sugar water? Molassas is sucrose heavy and also hase glucose as well as other sugars, so...

Any ideas on breaking salt bonds other than flooding/flushing?
Sure sounds like they are taking their customers for a

I need to start a business where I can charge that much for things like sugar water....:)
Yeah, I hear you, Hammie. Even with Fart-In-A-Can you get a nice souvenir container for the mantle.

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