Cloning autoflowering plants!

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Apr 6, 2009
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I've been doing research on cloning autoflowering plants and many people say it isn't possible. However, I got a freebie Jock Horror auto from Attitude and was successful in cloning it. Actually, the smoke was better than the mother. I don't know what I did but it worked for me...any thoughts???
Yeah my thoughts are that you didn't have a true auto.....if ya did the clone wldnt have lived.

I have cloned an auto before after finding out it did not have the auto gene...basically it is was a 12/12 strain.
Ok. I guess I got lucky :) I did notice the foliage lost its nitrogen quite early. Thanks!
Actually, I believe that you can clone an auto. However, since an auto lives for a designated amount of time and a clone is the same chronological age as the mother, a clone from a (true) auto simply does not have enough time to mature and produce good bud.

I also believe that you did not have a ttre auto (there are a lot of them around).
Yeah this has been one of the worst times for autos in quite some time....seems like lots of breeders are rushing their gear to market without actually stabilizing the auto gene first.

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