compressed Co2 VS. propane burner??

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Mar 5, 2007
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ok im having trouble finding info on this..

i run Co2 now out of a bottle.. was thinking about buying a propane burner but im wondering which one cost more? do i get more Co2 from burning propane than i do from the same amount of compressed Co2?

basicly which one is more Co2 for the money??
Look at the unit you are planning to buy and see how much co2 it give off per cubic foot of gas burnt. you can then compare the amount of gas used to make the amount of CO2 in a tank. That should tell you which way is the cheapest way to go.
you might save 50$ a month

20lb bottle @ 20$/3x a month = 60$ a month

co2 generator costs ~10$ a month, they claim 5$ a month for a 800cf room (std 10x10x8) but really its like 10-15$ for 1500ppm. If i remember at my current rates it would cost about 1$ per month per 100ppm

it definately is worth it in the long run. but you MUST buy a CO2 PPM meter...$$$
ok.. yea i already have a CAP PPM3 .. cuts on at 1450 and off at 1500.. works great with my compressed Co2.. but i was thinking about buying a burner and switching.. only downfall is the heat.. but i have a 15k BTU AC to keep tha room cool.. should be ok. Thanks

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