dehumidifiers and dryness

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Mar 3, 2011
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hey all,
im currently on a grow right now and am in flowering stage. I have my dehumidifer set on 40%. Sometimes it feels like it gets hotter and dryer than that in there. When i water my girls litterally about a day or two later my dehumidifer bucket fills right up with water. Obviously it is the water i just watered with them the day before. Also, it seems like some of the plants that are a about 4' away from them, their bottom leaves get real droopy after about a day or two and when i test my soil for dryness with the soil meter those buckets are usually bone dry. My question is: is this bad for my plants? has anyone had a similiar problem or know what i am talking about? Any help or input on this matter would be great.
Do you have a thermometer and hygrometer in there to make sure your unit is operating properly? Dehumidifiers warm the air as part of the process or as a by-product of their operation.

Flowering mj prefers aridity (per Clarke in MJ Botany). In flower I aim for 30% rh, but managing the heat can often be a challenge, particularly in a small space.

While high heat may be "bad" for your plants, a low rh shouldn't be. You do need to keep them watered though ;) .

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