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Mar 16, 2011
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Hello everyone, I'm glad I finally came round to post an intro topic hehe :hubba:

I'm from Bulgaria, but I live in Denmark, I'm a student, blabla..

I recently started my first trials of growing, and this is hands down the BEST site to l ook up info from!! I love it:)

So I set up my first grow, it was 3 Blue Mystic plants which I brutally killed with fertilizer *gtfo nooooooob!!11* I know hehe
but people learn from mistakes right^^

Atm I have 3 Fruit Spirit plants under CFL's, I cannot really afford a good equipment nor do I have any space to grow (being a pooor lil student), so I'm sticking to the CFL "organic" grow haha.
And you know what, so far I think they're doing just great.. well 2 of them at least. I'll post some pics as soon as I figure out the pic p;osting thingie :D

EDIT: Forgot to mention they're 2 weeks in veg, so don't get all excited :D:D lol j/k ofc. u can get excited withing the legal boundaries:D:D
Ill stop by later to post da piczzz
:welcome::48: theres nothing wrong with growing under CFLs a few ppl do it and have great results
we all start some where. work with what you have and as you can afford it add a little more.. good luck
Thanks for the wecome I appreciate it!

Ok I'll try to post some, here goes nuthin..

Yes, one of them grew 2 leaves instead of 1, if you look closer you can spot it (pic 4,6). Ain't that great?:) (or maybe it ain't?)
I'm not even gonna bother posting the 3rd one as it's half as tall as the other ones.. but someday maybe;]

EDIT: Forgot to mention this is 14th day of veg.
EDIT2: Ok , I'm stoned.. the pics are in next posts.... next time I post pics Ill do it better, sorry for that.
Hey Roll you need to post the pics here the offsite pics will be deleted
Really? Dayum I was hoping I won't have to get that resizing program.. oh well I'll remove them then:) thx for info
Well sorry about that, stoner minds FTW! hehe ;)

I hope they're good now, I'm too stoned to be doing this anymore, it takes sooooo much more time :D :ignore:

Anyway, a little info on the strain - as far as the "headshop masta" could explain it in english, he says its 100% sativa with 20% THC level.

But I'm not really sure if I can believe him.. I mean, I couldn't find a lot of info on Fruit Spirit on the internet, there is so little or I'm just too lazy to digg deeper and find some..

Also I got a question, I heard that sativas go a lot taller, anyone got tips on when to start flowering a "100% sativa"?:rolleyes:

edit: damm, it doesn't seem to open those. Oh well, I'm going to start a journal, some day when I'm not totally baked

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