Detection time expirement and results. Now i have a few questions

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May 8, 2011
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Hwllo all this is my first post hopefully it will provide yall and i with info

3 weeks ago A buddy and i purchased a 10 pack of 50ng/ml THC drug tests From amazon. Neither Of us have smoked in over 6 months.

We also purchased a small ammount of midgrade bud

We wanted to expirement on detection time.

Our weight I am 6'1 154 lbs. He is 5'11 138 lbs

Our health i am a very healthy eater. Drink mainly water and tea and occationaly drink beer

He eats out alot and drinks 50,50 sodas and water. He drinks every weekend

We both run together 3 times a week. And are both decently fit

Our first expirement used 3 of the tests I passed. He passed and our buddy that uses 3-5 times a week failed (now we know the tests work)

Next. The two of us smoked on monday around noon each a full joint containing roughly 1/4 gram

Tuesday evening we both failed our tests.

Wensday. Both failed.

Thursday. I passed. He failed.

Friday. We both passed

Im assuming the variance in our detection times was due to our different eating habbits

Now my question is. Since i was clean in 3.5 days. Does that mean if i smoke on day 5 ill be clean again on day 9 ?

I know half life might have a play in thc levels.

Any info would be greatly appericated
Great. Thanks for doing the experiment. The results are of no interest to me, but I am certain many here will find the results very interesting. Remember, thc is fat-soluble; it is stored in body fat, so indeed, is cumulative.
I salute you, sir, for performing a scientific experiment with a view to improving our knowledge!
i think its very different based on someone's metabolism and body fat, balanced against the strength, quality and amount of the weed; and the diluted nature of your pee. the more water you take in before the test sample the more diluted your pee is. since the pee tests are all 'pass/fail' and simply trigger at a 'minimum' amount, the more diluted the pee the more likely you will test negative. the longer the pee is in your bladder the longer it has to pull in toxins & such from your body.

i bought the same tests off Ebay and it took me a full 60 days to pee clean. but i am pudgy, hate sports, and wouldn't run if Godzilla was licking my hiney. well, maybe Godzilla...

regardless - a hair folicle test will wump a pee test. they can tell damn near what you've eaten in the past 30-60-90 days.
i am aware the test is pass fail but my question is since i peed clean in 3 days that means i have less than 50 ng/ml in my urine what if i consumed the same ammount on day 5 (giving my body a few more days to clean up ) should i be clean again to 50 ng ml in 3 days

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