do 215 cover apts that dont support growing?

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Mar 28, 2011
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i have a 215 in california, the plant limit in my county is 99
i currently have one 600 and 13 flowering plants
the land lord says growing is not aloud, so if for some reason the cops were called and came in, would i only be evicted? can i get in legal trouble with cops or is the violation between land lord and me?
dude u can fight that **** all the way. i mean when it comes down to it no landlord (unless hes got his 215) is gonna be down. im in the same sitch jus be low key ya.

prolly wont get ur deposit back but thats whatever
do the cops take the plants as evidence while im fighting case or is it just another piece of property that i need to get out when evicted?
cops take plants and leave equip. u win case and u get money for ur loss

happened to me
who decides the worth of the plants?
how much was lawyer fee? was lawyer fee minus what they gave you near what you could have made from selling it finished?
you decide worth. MSRP for everything. no matter what you paid. you determine plant value, within "reason" :hubba:

Lawyer? Nah im always per pro, leeches suck blood. Do your homework, ask questions. Bruce M still gives advice from his firm in New York i hear. He talked with me but referred me to his daughter in LA.

But in reality, lawyers are nearly useless today. I use the internet.

print this and put it in your bathroom as reading material. Really

Did alright my arse he became a snitch according to that article.

Kill the live off site link
Sorry heres part of the records "The officers returned to Benedict's apartment in June with DEA agents, the apartment was searched and he was arrested, court records show.

Benedict said police tried to force him to become an informant and to "orchestrate drug deals" in the area.
In their response to Benedict's suit, the Seal Beach police officers claimed that he OFFERED to become an informant to avoid federal charges and was never a medical marijuana caregiver."....
oc register kinda hacked up that part of the story.

But anyways its jus a good example of how dirty they really are. and how u can beat it with ur 215. he originally tried to make it a million dollar suit.
you determine plant value, within "reason"
I would find most recent bust in your area and use their "numbers". The Po-Po seem to charge a lot more for their weed :)
Does your lease specify that you cannot grow? I would talk to an attorney, but landlords cannot arbitrarily change the conditions of the lease.

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