Do you "hold it in" ?

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Do you hold in your toke ?

  • always, as deeply and as long as I can

  • never, I smoke a joint like a cigarette

  • somewhere in between

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I was thinking to use the Graham model to cool down the smoke

Great idea! Have you seen beer wort chillers? One of those held in an ice water bowl and draw though the vape or smoke through the chiller then instead of running cold water through it. Same as your idea above and not as cool but maybe cheaper? Good post.
My Doctor told me once that anytime you burn cannabis in a joint, bowl or bong you are wasting some THC. When you burn cannabis some of the THC is vaporized before you can inhale it.
He recommended a vaporizer for health and to maximize the amount of THC I get from my cannabis,

I still like a bong or a joint.

Blunts.... ugh I actually like to taste my herb and hate the taste of tobacco.
Hold 3 seconds just the same as you do for medical inhaled sprays.Or not at all because yes the THC is all absorbed by the time you finish inhaling.The 3 seconds is the "just in case" method.
Either or:D
I smoke a joint almost like a cigarette, I say almost because when you smoke a cig, you usually smoke the whole Thing, I only take a couple puffs at most of a joint...holding it in just makes me cough, so I don’t...
2-3 seconds for me ... still rather take bong hits though nice triple perker
I used to use a PAX3 and sold it to a neighbor and friend. I now have a Storz & Bickel Crafty+. I got it for my birthday. Nice little unit and draws a lot better than the PAX3 and I don't have to "pack" it tight like I did the PAX. Temperature I have set it to for default is 382 F. It came standard at 356F, with a boost of around 383, so I jut configured it with the app to be a first burn at 382 and the boost at +12 deg F.

I breathe straight down into my lungs and the Ice Cream Cake strain almost has a menthol cigarette feel to it. So far I have tried Ice Cream Cake and Zkittlez. Just got a gram of Night Terror OG at local dispensary to try, along with some GMO in a pre-roll to try in the Crafty+ Still have a LOT of weed to use up from 2019.

I breathe in and hold it for about 2 seconds and out it comes smooth and steady. I repeat 2 or 3 times more until I start to cough and quit. I might come back in about 5 minutes to get 1 more hit, but most of the time by the 3rd hit and the coughing I'm pretty good.

Dry herb vaping is LOADS better (my opinion) than cartridge vaping, and I really think there are different set of rules one should use for oil cartridge vaping over dry herb vaping.
I always smoke like a cigarette. For me, as soon as that bud smoke hits my lungs and is processed into the capillaries (like 5 seconds tops) I am feeling it. I am 40 and I've been smoking bud since I was 15. Never once did holding it in or choking on it ever make a difference. It's that first hit and the few that come after that set me straight.

I hear stories of tolerance build up but for me personally, no matter how much I smoke or ingest I get the exact same high depending on the product and THC potency. I don't think I've smoked bud with a 24% THC content which is why I got some Bruce Banner seeds. I love that one hitter quitter shit...Lol.
I'm 62, very popular in my day to hold it in as long as you could. I heard about a 2 sec rule (sounds like your vape hit) few years back but I still find myself holding it in (hold habits die hard)
There's Lotsa conflicting advice on this.
I'm 74 and tend to do the same.
But I've read a good bit of the science and accept it's probably correct you don't need to hold it in etc.
But as with most things in life - I really believe that doing what works for YOU is the right way.
But I just smoke to get stoned and ain't fussy about taste, smell, etc etc.
sounds amazing ganja you smoke! hahahaha

im thinking to connect the hose from my vaporizer to a glass coil, that would do the trick to cool down the vape, if not sink the glass coil in ice then use it.

Ofc not to hold longer the vapor but so i can give more hits without drinking cold water.. i like to vape 390-420 F
You could always climb inside the fridge & smoke in there. Heat would be your friend then.
I vape daily for severe symptoms which then are not severe . I generally vape nearly pure D9 THC because I have a process that refines crude to that point. Zero terpenes and such then.

I have found that a generally quick inhalation like I would take just before a dive into a pool gets the compound past the main irritation point mid chest and delivers the medicine deep. I hold it in briefly because the sensation is great for the inhalation portion. Then I have learned to exhale quickly and inhale a few times just as deeply after the hit to clear the lungs of aerosol. The light burn after thirty seconds is the feel of medicine tickling the nerves in the lungs as the med is absorbed kind of slow. Likely terpenes present penetrate that layer in the lung better and help this along faster but with pure it sets in slowly.

Deep breathing three or four breaths on its own triggers better blood flow and opens up the lungs irregardless of the vapor as well so there is a physical synergy effect too from deep breathing. Finally when vaping as much as I do I have learned to lift my tongue so the incoming vapor aerosol that I am inhaling first contact the underside of my tongue before entering my esophagus. The top of the tongue and mouth are not very sensitive to fairly high temps but the underside of the tongue is and will also cool the vapor of its own accord for the more sensitive parts of the throat further on.
Tell us about this refining process.
I'm 62, very popular in my day to hold it in as long as you could. I heard about a 2 sec rule (sounds like your vape hit) few years back but I still find myself holding it in (hold habits die hard)
I'm 69, it's a force of habit to hold, but it's too hot, in and out is it. If this stuff was really 80% etc. I would be on the couch just like 50 years ago after smoking Turkish Black Opiated Finger Hash. It's not as good somehow. In and Out...
No,,I didn't want to get her pregnant.😁
I was tearing back from Joplin, cutting through Appleton city, and I had to pooo like nobody's business.

With sweaty forehead I blasted past the turnoff, loaded with fastfood joints with bathrooms, because I, I say I could hold it at touching cotton stage all the way home!

Trotting from car and opening door, a gigantic gas ball was at full swell and I elected to release about 800, 000 cubic feet of pooo gas, when unexpectedly a explosive shiet rocket came....oh. You guys are talking about holding weed in. How embarrassing.
That toilet threw me off

No I don't hold weed in, don't care if it wasteful except very tip top best stuff. Joints, pipes, all glass except one 70's style long skinny with tiny brass bowl hash/ opium pipe.


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