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Jul 30, 2011
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I have already lost two plants and most likely a third to the same problem and now I have another two looking like they may have the same issue. Both plants are 9weeks,indoors,soil is readygro soilless organic-based planting media (3/4" double seived coir fiber, perlite, humic acid from leonardite ore and fertilizer), lighthing 1000w switchable horicultural lighting system with yeild master II-6' classic. Two of my other plants i lost to very brown droopy leaves (you would touch and they would fall apart).But before they turned brown they just became extremly limp and went from top to bottom. I only water with distilled water(when the soil i dry about 1 1/2in down). I started using nunts about 3 wks into the process using florabloom 0-5-4 3tsp, floramicro 5-0-01 2tp and floragro 2-1-6 1tsp per gallon water, plus i let the water sit for a couple of days to reach room temp. The two plants in question: White Widow (height 4'8) and Bigbud (height 5'). I am pretty new to this but i think there could be two issues, heat which has been averaging about 88 and or the nunts. Hopefully I can get pic's up soon. Any help would be great
Why were you only feeding your plants 1 tsp per gal of nutes? And was this 1 tsp of each or what? Recommended amounts are given on the bottles--for vegging, you should be using 2 tsp micro, 3 tsp grow, and 1 tsp bloom per gal of water. For flowering 2 tsp micro, 3 tsp bloom, and 1 tsp grow per gal.

I am not familiar with your soilless mix, however it doesn't seem like it would have any water holding properties at all--they may be drying out too much between waterings. I am wondering whether adding a top drip would help. Are you checking your ppms and pH? Are you adding fertilizer to this soilless mix ("3/4" double seived coir fiber, perlite, humic acid from leonardite ore and fertilize"r)?

You need to get your temps down. Tell us about your ventilation system. Is your hood air cooled?
Yeah that sounds like a watering and/or heat issue to me. I am leaning more to heat issue without knowing the growspace and ventilation setup. I assume the "coir" is coco coir? That holds water quite well. How long time period between waterings?

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