Drooping leaves on my haze plant. HELP!

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Mar 3, 2011
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hey all, im currently on the last 3 weeks of my grow and i was feeding my fast Nevilles haze plant with bontanicare pure blend pro thats in a 3 gallon pot with Fox farm ocean forest soil. I recently ran out of feeder and had some fox farm big bloom on hand so i went with using that. The first time i watered with it i used a 1/2 cup/gallon then for my next watering i watered them with a cup/gallon big bloom. And the last time i fed it it seemed like my soil wouldnt drain and it was draining perfect before. I believe i may have used to much or something. Only after i did this i noticed my haze plant looking rather droopy(seen in pics). What does everyone recommend for me? I have exactly two weeks from today until harvest. Is my plant going to be ok? Any suggestions or input = +REPS




I am a newbie but IMO I would flush and continue out the last two weeks with water since the last two weeks are only water anyway to prepare for harvest. I have looked at alot of different nutes and I have never seen one that uses a half cup per gallon. That is alot. Maybe tsp or two per gallon but never a half cup. But like I said I am a newbie so hopefully someone with more knowledge will reply. The overdose may have locked up your nutes.
I will tell you first off that I have never used that brand of nutrients but a quick search on goolge came back with a regular feeding schedule with their products. Looks like you are over feeding...the droop cld be from being over watered but if you did feed at those dosages you are in for worse problems. I believe there are 16 table spoons in a cup....:holysheep:



Sprouting and week 1--BigBloom 2TBS
week 2-- 2tsp Grow Big + 2TBS Big Bloom
Week 3--3tsp Grow Big + 2TBS Big Bloom
Week 4--JUST 3 tspGrow Big + 1/4 tsp Open Sesame
Week 5 same as week 4 unless going 12/12--

Week 5- OR--day 1 of 12/12-- 2 tsp Tiger Bloom +1TBS Big Bloom + 1/2 tsp Open Sesame
Week 6--same as above
Week 7-- 2 Tsp Grow Big + 2 tsp Tiger Bloom +1TBS Big Bloom + 1/4 tsp Beastie Bloom
Week 8-- 2Tsp Grow Big + 2 tsp Tiger Bloom +1TBS Big Bloom + 1/2 tsp Beastie Bloom
Week 9-- 2 tsp Tiger Bloom +1TBS Big Bloom + 1/4 tsp Cha Ching
week 10-- Same as above
Week 11--2 tsp Tiger Bloom +1TBS Big Bloom + 1/2 tsp Cha Ching
I would flush as soon as possible, however, I am not sure that you are going to be able to save her. Any idea at all of the ppms?
Ouch...Just curious as to where you got info that led you to give such a large dose?
There should have been directions on the bottle.

GREAT post Hamster. Very helpful indeed.
must read directions, i have heard of someone else doing this last week. it clearly has it printed on the bottles that you only use 2,3 tspns per gal of h2o. flush and hope for the best my friend. the feeding scedule for fox farms is on the fox farms web site also

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