Early flowering clone

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May 18, 2011
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So this is my first grow. My GDP clone is only about a month old and flowering. I get that it was early to put it out. I hear the let it do its thing, and hope it re vegges. But right now, any advise? It's still small, and all the searches, and trying to see what to do, not finding much. Any help would be useful. Thanks in advance. As far as nutes, etc. Change to bloom nutes now? Harvest mini buds, then???? As much info on the web as there is, I'm not finding what I need.
"I" have only witnessed around 1% ("I would guess") of strains/plants that did NOT reveg' in May and June.
Providing they are free of the "Rude', auto" genetics, they will 'most likely' start soon.
Reading other posts, and being my first grow, my 1 plant is early flowering. What i read in another thread was to just leave it be until fall harvest, pending it re vegges and flowers again. So the buds it is growing now. Will those reach point to harvest, then the plant will re veg? Or I leave the buds and it will keep going? Threads are confusing me.... or maybe I'm just high....... Probably both....
Another question adding to that. What do you recommend as far as nutrients goes? I'm currently rotating every other water with "grow" nutes. Should I change to "bloom" nutes until she goes back to veg mode? Or just continue with what I'm doing until next flowering?
I would hit it with veg nutes which is nitrogen. I use Grow Big by Fox Farms. It will go back into veg and then in a couple months when it starts flowering again I would start with the bloom nutes.

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