Easy Brownies

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Before I go further i want to say i know there are better ways to make brownies with bud butter or oil. The thc breaks down more with this method but is very easy to make and will still get you very high. Just make the brownies according to the directions on the box. When it comes time to add the vegetable oil, pour it into a pan on the stove. Slowly heat the oil, if you heat it too quickly the oil will pop and splash all over the place. When the oil is heated enough put the bud into the oil. (I use a half ounce of commercial because I cant stand to see kind bud thrown away at the end. Try to use buds not shake.) Let the bud stay in the oil until it becomes really burnt and crispy looking. Turn off the stove and let the oil cool. Use a strainer and pour the oil through it to catch the bud, pour oil into brownie batter. Throw the used crispy bud away. I cut mine into four pieces but you could cut them into more to lessen the amount of time your high.
does it only take 1 piece ofr oyu to get high
how big of a pan of brownies does that make and how big of pieces is a serving that gets you high?
You don't need to burn the pot to a crisp.

I grow my own so I use trim (small leaves from around the buds ,and tiny budlets).
I test my weed and if for instance 1 gram gets me high and the reciepe yields 24 brownies I use 24 grams/trim (last sentence edited for clarity).
Simmer in oil for 45 minutes. Simmer means not quite boiling. Strain through a t-shirt, squeezing the material to get all the butter out.

For even better taste, soak the weed in water overnight first, then re-dry (you won't lose any THC) before using.

Make up a big batch and you can use the butter/oil in a number of reciepe's. Cookies, cakes, even spread on toast.
I once fried up a magic mushroom omelette in happy butter.

ALWAYS test a small amount first.

If you get too high eating pot you'll be too high 4--6 hours.

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