Effects on Muscle Growth/Development...?

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I'm pretty sure there is no scientific proof of the connection between muscle deterioration and smoking. I've been smoking for years and recently I put on a little extra weight, which I intend on turning into muscle. I haven't smoked in a few weeks and the buffing is going well, but I want to be able to smoke again! A friend of mine is keen on body building and he wouldn't touch the stuff. He must have heard something I didn't. Though he never mentions where he gets his information. I'm convinced it doesn't actually deteriorate muscle though. More like it just makes you not want to work out, and deteriorates muscle through idleness.

Anyway has anyone got anything to say on this subject. Anyone successfully built muscle whilst keeping up a regular habit? I need some proper input on this, cos at the moment I'm going on the fact that Kevin Spacey's character in American Beauty lifts weights whilst smoking pot, so it must be ok... :)
The main thing that makes you lose muscel is being lazy I work out every other day on my dads bowflex and usally swim some laps at the YMCA smoking dose effect you but not by losing muscel mass Its just the dont want to do aspect of it all my advice is work out In the morning and after you get all your shit done then blaze out make sure you eat well in the morning too that always helps :)

hope I answered your question
Yeah. Thanks for replying man. I'm just looking for instances where people, such as yourself, have managed to work out and smoke without any serious problems.

And I agree with your morning work-out, evening blazing session idea. It really is the only way to do it.
i was looking for information on this and its nothing concrete. i have been smoking just about everynight and working out about 3 times a week extremly hard. I broke my foot in august and hit a plateau due to a change in everything becasue of the cast on my foot. I do notice my stregth is down when i smoke as compared to when i dont smoek for 2 or 3 days. Reps and wieght lifted, i dont kno if it is a direct connection but i would love to know if im not getting as cut as i would be or gaining as much muslce as i would NOT smoking marijuana. I used to have a bigger chest than i do now but i feel like things were thrown off becasue of my foot, or is it smoking? i cant figure it out so any information would beneficail
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PS - smoking - inhaling - ANYthing - is bad for for your health. But you know that. ;)
I have several friends who are REALLY into bodybuilding, and smoke about a nickel (7grams)a day. They do what Cincy said. Work out first thing in the AM, THEN smoke your MJ. As for me, I'm just a fat lazy burnout. No way you'll catch me working out!! lmao
I'm with NTC :) you wont catch me workin out... i'm too lazy... :)
LOL - growing IS a workout - bend, stretch, twist, lift, carry - lol ;)
Heh, Tell me about it. I have to walk a long ways with my backpack full of water and plant food just to get to my babies.

That's enough of a workout for me.
Ame - guerilla growing? Too cool - start a post!
I have been consistently working out 3 times a week and smoking pretty much on an everyday basis for a few years now. I am cut and nobody would suspect me of smoking pot, however many people ask me about my workout habits. Could I have made greater gains if I wouldn't have smoked, probably. Would it be that noticable though, I doubt it.

I am not out to look like or compete like a bodybuilder, just the classic lean muscular look. I actually got into weight lifting with an old roommate and we would take a couple of bingers before our workout and it went fine. I have some chronic now and if i have a good workout and then smoke sometime afterwards I make it my little reward for busting my ass then i can sit on my ass.

All in all, if you want to run a marathon or do a lot of cardio marijauna can make it harder; but as far as lifting weights go it is not going to effect muscle growth, but it will effect you and the way you go about wanting to grow muscle. Fort Collins, CO has some great dank.

Smoke and lift on.
I smoke weed everyday. I also work out every day. I have been smoking for about 2 years and working out hard every day for about a year and a half.

I was 175 lbs when i started working out, and i am now 215lbss . Yet i have still questioned and somewhat suspected that weed effects the muscle response i get when working out. Half the time i am in the gym i am high, but no one would ever suspect it because i am a "meat head". Often times i have had people ask about my in work out routines and be interested in how i got so big.

Therefore i conclude that weed doesnt effect actual muscle growth so much, rahter it effects motivation to burn out final reps in the gym , or to even go to the gym for some peoiple.
I started this thread a few months ago and got some good feedback, so I just thought it was only fair to call over and give an update. I'm not going to say whether or not I think smoking damages muscle growth - because I have no way of knowing whether it does or not. All I can do is describe my own scenario.

Since beginning this thread I have continued with both my workouts and smoking (I could never stop seeing Jenny). I bought myself a bench press and new weights. What I've been doing is lifting weights in the afternoon for an hour or two every other day or every third day, and then smoking at night. Not too much smoking. Maybe between 1 and 3 hefty Joints a night. And also drinking a Protein shake after my workout.

The results so far have been good. I have noticed good improvements in my muscle mass. As some of you have already stated there is always that niggling thought in the back of your mind: "Would the workout be more effective if I wasn't smoking". Frankly I don't give a shit. I'm able to smoke and gain muscle and I aint in no hurry to enter the Mr. Universe contest. I don't want a big body anyway. Just a lean/muscular physique, so for the foreseeable future I will continue to blast!

So thanks to everyone for your feedback. If people keep posting their own stories we can hopefully dispel some of the rumours regarding smoking and muscle growth, and put our minds at rest.

Cheers and Happy Blasting!
By the way: Since this is a really cool and useful forum I decided to register. Howdy!

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I am a 42 year old male who has been smoking IT for 27 years now, when I was 15/16 i started working out, ate loads up to 10,000 calories per day ( I also have a high metabolism) at my peak i got to near 300lbs i am 198cm tall, I still smoke but have not worked out in 18 years, I still have 17 inch biceps and they are still solid although some 6 inches smaller, I dont have a beer gut or anything like that, and in fact nobody believes me when i tell them that I am 42 most people think I am still mid 30s, I put this down to the fact that I do not get stressed (hence the smoke) so I am living proof that smoking weed will not mess you up, and all the hogwash that it is harmful is just to stop people from doing it, dont listen, enjoy life, as you only have one! better to die happy than to stress yourself into an early grave, HAIL SATIVA!!!!!
thank you for this info lordhippy im gonna continue to bill up before i work out at school : )
Back when I used to be a weight-junky I always heard that smokers and weed smokers that lift weights will not be able to develop their chest and pec muscles as well as those who do not. Dunno if there is any proof to this. It was referred to as "b**** chest"
i heard any type of smoke eats away at the muscles all i know is when i started to bench press what i would lift with ease now felt like 3x that amount but workin construction kinda helped out a bit that and my daily mike rowe burpee routine
Not sure if I am proof of anything or not. I've been smoking daily for 38 years. Been lifting weights 25 years. I was a power lifter. After competing as a power lifter I stumbled into muay thai and bjj. Competed in mma for 7 years. Still workout at gym and still smoke daily. I no longer compete but still look like I used to.
notthecops said:
I have several friends who are REALLY into bodybuilding, and smoke about a nickel (7grams)a day. They do what Cincy said. Work out first thing in the AM, THEN smoke your MJ. As for me, I'm just a fat lazy burnout. No way you'll catch me working out!! lmao
since when was a nickel 7 grams? haha

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