Favorite way to smoke/movies

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Mar 9, 2006
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first i would like to say, this is my first day on here and i rele like it

and now, What are your favorite ways to smoke?
and also, What are some of your favorite movies to watch while stoned?
Joints and pipes. Occasional bong.

Movies: take me too long.
FAVORITE WAY TO SMOKE : nothing but bongs

FAVORITE MOVIES WHEN STONED : any and all horror movies
i love my bong i like bongs and blunts movie while high comedy horror and trip out movies
my favorite way to smoke is either grav's or bongs, they **** you up
and my favorite movies to watch while stoned are: Dazed and Confused, Jay and Silent Bob, and Ice Age (you may think its gay but just watch it one time wen ur faded)
yup DAZED & CONFUSED is a killer movie. brings me back to when i was a kid. GREAT MOVIE.
Favorite way to smoke: my glass sherlock.
Favorite movies to watch: Teenage Enama Nurses In Bondage 2000 and Tricked By Trannies # 127.
GanjaGuru said:
Favorite way to smoke: my glass sherlock.

Word. :D

I love comedy while high. I don't know why, but I love "Harold and Kumar go to Whitecastle" when I'm blazing. It just reminds me of the dumb shit my friends and I would go through, on a smoking night trying to get food.
got that movie harold and kumar,downloaded it of warez p2p
Bong, most definitely..conserves weed and a couple of tokes is all you need..(look i rhymed..lol)..but i have been known to smoke a joint or two (i like the high you get from j's..) or fire the bowl up..well, it depends now doesn't it..if i'm driving, i'll smoke a bowl..if i'm chillin' at the house, i'll fire up the bong..and if i'm gonna kick it with friends, i'll roll a J..
My boss is a joint nut. That's all he'll ever do. Taught me how to roll. :)

But, I like my sherlock and mini-bong. Both do the job quite nicely.
anything glass, the occasional blunt is nice, id have to say my favorite is my steamroller. its amazing.
heres a good movie when really faded 44 minutes based on the north hollywood shoot out

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