female+male=new plant

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i am interested how male plants make female plants to have seeds? and how old female plant has to be in order to be abel to have seeds?
my plants are about 1month old and i noticed ineresting thing - near my bigest female plant one very little plant apeared! could it be canabis?

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Breeding seeds on your own isn't a great idea. Although you will get seeds, but not stable seeds. Breeding of seeds requires great knowledge. You need a stable F-1 plant to cross with another stablized pplant of a different breed.

Don't get me wrong, you can do it, but your seeds will turn out to be less quality than the plant you started with. Your best bet it to either clone, or buy seeds.
not so convinced about the "less quality" part but yes you will have variations in the seeds in relationship to their lineage. some will lean to one parent or the other while still other seeds from a crop of hybrid seed will be what you are looking for in your cross the trick is to stablize the traits that you like through the selection process and then back crossing several generations untill stability is reached.

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