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Jan 31, 2005
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in all your time of growing what was the best fertilizer for flowering that you used to create big and dense buds.
General Hydroponics 3-part system, with, at different times, H2O2, Thrive Alive and Dark Energy.
Dark Energy: I got in at a grow shop. Most grow shops carry it.
Try foothillhydroponics.com
can i use general hydroponics with a soil application. i'm going to try and get rid of the mircale grow and start with something fresh .
absolutly, ive had good luck wit sunshine mix #4 and promix hp, technically this is still hydroponic, because its not really soil, just peatmoss, perlite and vermiculite, but it looks and feels like soil soo... most call it that. you can mix what ever you want into it, but if using generall hydro, make sure it drains well.( at least as well as when you open the bag, if not better.

p.s. thanx guru

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