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Jan 18, 2006
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i am in need of some help on buying a fertilizer. if you could tell me what you think is best and or what is best for N-P-K. i live in canada and the place where i went to tonite and asked about Fox Farm fertilizers they didnt know what it was. thanks alot
What medium are you planning to use?
Soil, peat, hydro?
Anyway, Fox Farms products are generally available only at specialty stores like grow/hydro shops.
so today i bought some fertilizer, and it is Schultz 10-15-10. before i use it does anyone think it would be okay to use?
i think it will be sufficent for vegetative stage . just dont get stupid with it using it every day.
okay so on the instructions it says. Just 7 drops (0.53 mL) per liter of water everytime you water, everything you grow. For feeding once or twice a month use up yo 14 drops (1.05 mL) per liter of water. if you say dont use it everyday.. should i mix up one bottle with the fertilizer in it and then another bottle with just water in it and switch everyday? or what?
I would go with a little less than recommeded until you get a feel for the fert. It is easier to up a fert than over fert and have to go through flushing again. Let the plant talk to you. I would switch hit on the fert. (meaning every other watering) until you get to know it. IMHO.
okay, we will see how things go for a bit.. thanks for all the help i appreciate it

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