Skunk, Subgal…

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Zipper broke on Mars tent, Grrr, perfect timing. This plant smells incredible. Had to put exhaust filter on, people were commenting on smell that were outside the house, people that need not know, but I loved opening the tent to get the aroma and now - with duct tape - the smell is creeping out again. Love / hate situation, love the smell, hate I can’t control it as much now. If I can’t repair the zipper I will not buy another Mars tent, who makes the best 4x4 or 4x5 tent ?
Did you talk to Mars Hydro
How old is the tent, zippers should not break Period.....................
I know I have over fed these plants, they seemed to be ok with it and I have backed way off. I have leaf issues, not just burned tips but some other things that are concerning.
please take a look at pics and if you have any suggestions let me know. My general feeling is that at this point it’s a race to the finish. The clones which have been on same feeding schedule show little sign of problem.


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Those spots on the leaves indicate a lack of calcium to me. That's an easy fix
After doing a bit of research, I’m thinking the PH in the roots is too low for plant to use the calcium. The POS PH meter i have, if right, is saying lower soil PH is around 5. Think I’ll raise PH for a while … maybe up to 6.5.
Thank you WeedHopper. Just curious… did you have to take the seed from the Masters hand before you could plant … or maybe walk on rolling papers without wrinkling them ? Lol
I used to love Kung Foo back in the day.
Nah. I just snatched a pebble from the fabric pot. 😁
I heard he had to pluck dingleberries with a set of chopsticks.

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