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Jun 20, 2011
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Hello all,
Glad to have finally signed up.

I am here as I am annoyed and distressed with the amount of people suffering and dying around me that could benefit from using medical marijuana.
Another family member passed over yesterday from excruciating lung cancer. I say excruciating as the treatment he took made him considerably worse and in my perception advanced his death.
I have now decided, after much thought and discussion with my partner, that I will now decide to grow medical marijuana and distribute to those who need it free of charge. (This is a long term plan and may need to relocate to a more understanding country).
I understand that this choice maybe risky and somewhat unadvisable especially the country that I live in is very low on tolerance concerning marijuana. However, I try to be a man of principle and integrity and believe that natural law trumps any law written by man.
I have studied pharmaceutics and micro biology and worked in the industry for a short while. I have been researching (and enjoying) marijuana now for a number of years and understand the chemistry and process within the human body and mind.
I have to be honest and do what I feel is right, I have been contemplating this for a number of years now and all that has left me with is less family and friends and those who are suffering.
I hope that you will be graceful enough to help me through any (and im sure there will be) problems and issues I may tackle.

Many thanks for listening

Be safe, use your head and tell no one! You sound much like myself, my friend. Good luck!
Welcome to MP. Your intentions are indeed honorable.

I hope you can remain safe in your endeavor. Happy Growing!
My best wishes in your adventure.
I hope you end up with the dankest smoke there is and your actions result in less profits for dealers.
When the advice is to tell no one, this means NO ONE. Your partner is one thing but take it from someone who has felt the consequences and had a severe debilitating illness, medicinal needs means NOTHING in the eyes of the law.
Donate through a 3rd part where there can be no proven link to you. (Thankfully I protected myself there)
Green mojo bro but please, TELL NO ONE.
hi woody' ;) welcome aboard! both you and tetro' :D
Many thanks to all the replys and encouragement. I cant seek it else where!
As you all have rightly pointed out - tell no one, just thousands online! lol

Thanks again really appriciate it, I will posts updates as and when I get them.
Will def need advice soon :)
Hey all,
With the backing of (some) family members and good friends I am ready for germination tonight. Already found some genuine people wanting to give it a go (they have not heard of the benefits and basically thought it was bad for them).
I have set up the room and now ready to go.
I have a Blockbuster Air-cooled hood, a Magnum XXXL Air – cooled hood both 600w and powered by two Lightwave digital ballasts and a huge carbon filter with insulated ducting and extraction. Room is sealed with reflective coating and extraction and ventilation are in order. For the seedlings I have a 24inch fluorescent tube (T8 or 12 I think).
To start with I have purchased some autoflower seeds and plan to germinate tonight.
I managed to afford this as my lovely, wonderful girlfriend allowed me to use our wedding money to do it. (the weddings in August) so that says a lot to me (amazed in fact) that she did that considering we can’t pay for anything now.
Wish me luck, I must say I feel really good but a little anxious at both the cost and the risk. If I can help a handful of people though it would be well worth it.
Good luck and you better be good that women is a keeper for sure so you better keep her happy
welcome to MP. Glad to see you have the passion. Nice set up just reaserch as much as possible. I like the idea of autos for a first time grow you wont be disapointed. Just read read read . Alot of times less is more with mj. I would tell no one especially jus my opinion
Thanks Ozzydiodude and Dr Drew,

She is a good un and I love her to bits, really supportive and believes in this too.

Dr Drew sound advice on both fronts. Study, study, study and spot on with the family!

Thanks and peace
Hey Tetra, good to see you and I feel for what you have gone through. I am sure watching a loved one die would fuel this kind of energy for you. Just please be so careful or you won't be able to help anyone.
Yes, you now have lots of peeps to share with on here. We will be glad to help.
Green mojo to you and your partner.
Thank you Rosebud for those kind words. I will try my best in all areas here :)

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