First grow, i think i have a problem

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Jan 28, 2006
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okay, this is my first grow, i have no clue the strain, my buddy ordred some feminised seeds from a seed bank, i didnt bother asking him what the strain was, but my problem is, its been around a week and a half, and not much has happened, am i doing anything wrong?

these are them so far(sorry for the crappy pics, i have a crappy digital, LOL)
Hey click on the link in my signiture "help us help you" and post the answers in this thread.

Cardboard is bad dude. A rubbermaid container would be better(less fire hazard).

Mainly the questions you will need to answwer is lighting and soil mix.

Hey everyones first grow sucks for the most part. after your first shit you'll be rocking and rolling dude. Don't be so hard on yourself.
thanks man^ i realised i was using bad soil(new, but not good), so i went to scim some soil from my moms plants, and to my supprise, i found a plant(one of mine) growing there! nice little suprise to brighten my day(it was too weeks old, and id planted seeds in all types of soil to see the best kind,the cactus soil wins , )

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