florecent ????

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Feb 22, 2006
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how much bud can i get useing flors like i mean like a perfect plant will it be more than 3 ounces????
Florescents will not give you the yeild or potency your wanting. Florous are fine for veg. you can get a successful grow. but to get the plant to its potential you need to get an HPS for flower to maximize the plant's potential.
soon i am geting hps but for this grow i am juss useing flours do u think its possible to get 5 onces using flours????
How many plants?

If its your first grow. never grown before. you can pray for an ounce off one plant.
bongzilla420 said:
and is my first indoor grow
What Mutt is trying to tell you is that when you grow your first crop, almost everyone screws it up some. Sometimes the screw up kills the patient. It's better to use some ok but free bagseed to grow until you have the lessons learned.

Unless you can afford a 30 dollar seed loss.

Using bagseed and your first learning experience, I think Mutt hit it real close to what you can expect.

3 plants, maybe 3 ounces of cured weed. Maybe more. In the Journal, you can see my four plant grow. That's what's possible. I'm pretty sure I'll get at least 2 pounds of cured weed from this crop. That's 8 ounces from each plant.

Let yourself relax and learn from your first grow man.

Good luck to you.
yeah it takes practice to grow. idk why but thats how it work. your are surly to mess up somewhere. And for the grow lights. i use www.bghydro.com/
I got like an ounce per plant on my first grow but I was using a HPS.

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