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Feb 22, 2006
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My plants have been growing for about 6 weeks or a little longer, they are about 1 foot tall right now, they have around 15 sets of leaves. The stem is about as thick as a pencil. I don't think i have "alternating nodes" yet, but the plants are pretty big, i mean they are "wide" i was wondering if i put them into flower early could that hurt anything other than the yield. Because if it only hurts the yeild i'm just gonna go ahead and say f*ck it and start the flowering. Please let me know, Also what is the difference between a sativa and the other kind, how can you tell which is which?
Sativa are ussually tall with space between the nodes. More of an uppy kinda high. There leaves are long and thin.

Indica is short and bushy with more of a couchlock high. Leaves are short and wide.

Hybrid are mix of both. You have to research the strain or look really close to see which trait is more dominant.

I have had bagseed at 6 weeks not alternate and still have a great yeild. After 6 weeks it should be mature. IMHO

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