flowering ?????????

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Feb 22, 2006
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should i start running 12/12 as soon as i see little leafs coming out of the nodes???
It sounds like you have a single area to work with, rather than seperate Vg and Bud areas. Plants should be at least 12" high, and if you can force branching that will increase the number of buds. I'm not sure how much a small (proto)branch will grow after budding begins in earnest.
you flower your plants when you see alternating nodes. this is a sign your plants are mature and ready for flower.
does the balls or the female flower grow out of the node ?? and if it does does it happen before flowering?
Males express first, within the first 2 weeks of 12/12 (sometimes as quickly as 2 days). The "balls" appear first at the nodes and quickly show up on the branches. A few days after that they're very noticable.
Females start growing buds during week 3.

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