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Mar 3, 2011
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Hey all, im on week 4 of my grow right now. I started my seeds off in 3 gallon pots with fox farm ocean forest soil. Some people have said that FFOF soil has a lot of nutes to begin with. My question is, is it safe to fertilize my plants in veg even though i have this nute filled soil? When would be the safest time to start using nutrients? BTW im using bontanicare pure blend pro line for nutrients. Any input would be helpful. thanks


I dont grow with soil but from what I understand about plants:-
If you start to see any yellowing, it means they want feeding!
If you see any of the leaf tips turning brown it is nute burn and you have overfed.
I believe after 4 weeks you should be giving them a feed every other watering but I could easily be wrong there!
Sure some others with more experience will be around soon.

Hope this helps. W


Hi shimmz,

I use ffof and I start feeding at 4 weeks veg. I start with a weak solution and increase as the plants need it. My advice is to water well, then the next day use the ferts, then when thirsty again, plain water, then next time do the water and the ferts. So, yes everyother water is with food.
Woody dude is right.
Good luck and it sounds like your starting out well.
Green mojo to you!

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