Fox Farm

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It's one of the higher end soils, yes. I havent tried it for myself yet. I am next grow though.
I was going to try the soil (ocean forest) and nutrients from them. I found a place in the area so i thought i would give it a shot.
i'm using the Fox Farm 9-6-6 worm casting and bat guano mix and it works great. its time released so it wont burn your plants.
it also has alot of the micro nuts that you'll need.
TY tallslim!!! I have a few questions if you don't mind....
1. what FF soil and additives do you use? (basically your soil mixture)
2. what if any ferts. do you use?? FF, earth juice, ect.......
Reverend Clonie, 2 weeks prior to signing up to this forum I started my first grow and this is the soil mixture. 65% pro mix soil (completely sterilized),10% perlite(aeration),5% dersertsand,and 20% pottingsoil. In addition to all these I included a 9-6-6 npk valued Fox Farm bat gauno and worm casting fertilizer to my mix. I grew them under a 400w hps hortilux from seedling to finish. I did this because of my budget at the time but now i bought the growzilla reflector which can house two separate bulbs. I also bought a co2 injection system which should help. I've got four Crystal plants growing at about two weeks old and looking good. I am reluctant to experiment with different fertilizers since this one did fine but I am always open to sugestions.

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