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Jul 4, 2005
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Was hoping for some help.

second time growing, drawing up fresh attempt with new appt. I have closet space for growing, floor is already covered with plastic and walls with aluminium.

Question. If i was to purchase a Son Agro 400 lighting system, what would you reccomend the best hydro system. Whats the best set up for growing under these circumstances?

I have seeds of shiva shanti, and white widdow seeds ready for action!

pray to the weed gods for some help here. Peace.
For me, the choice is ebb n flo.
Get yourself a 3' x 3' tray and the other stuff (res, pumps, timer, etc.) from a grow shop.
It will set you back approx. $125--$150.

Other tips:
-take down the alum and paint the walls flat white.
-Upgrade your light system with a 430-watt Sun Agro or other full-spectrum bulb.
appreciate the help.

funny enough we just purchased the son agro light. If we were to purchase an ebb n flo system, whats the best way to get that going? whats the budding time frame?

40 years is definately good enough experience for me, thanks for the help bro
Sorry for the lateness in reply.
Of you buy your equip. at a growshop, they will tell you how to get it up and running. Simple really. You have a tray, a res, and a pump on a timer that floods the tray every 4 hrs for 30 min, then drains.
Aside from using mountain spring water, I have never found anything that speeds up budding.

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